Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Affiliate Marketing Networks

Hello again and welcome to my blog created especially to help filter out the mystery about Internet Marketing. I will try again to give you the most up to date info about this amazing field. Today, I want to tell you a little about Affiliates. what it is! how to become one and where to join as a affiliate. I know that in earlier post I mention a little about this topic but today I will give you a product link that you can join for free as a affiliate click here.

Get Affiliated
You can become an affiliate with almost any company who offers affiliation to individuals who have a website, or a blog just like the one your on now. When you visit a companies website look at the bottom of their page and look for Affiliate, Affiliate program etc. Just click on it and follow their instructions. Some companies will automatically approve after you finish filling out the required forms. For
individuals who live in the USA have to input their SS# for tax purpose. Don't get scared about giving out your SS#. These companies are well equipped with security.

For individuals outside the USA they will tell you what to put for your country. The process is very quick and simple. After you finish applying and you get either auto approve or waiting approval be prepare to get a full list of companies to promote. Be ready for some setback and disappointments. I mean that some will outright turn you down. But do not worry or upset, you can always reply in a month or so. And most of all Their are thousands of companies just waiting for you to partner with them.

Getting Approval and Get your codes
Now the fun begins here! After you get approval they will give you html codes that represents banners, text of all different size to put into your website or to use which ever way you plan to promote their product. Please be careful and read their policy for Affiliates. It is very important that you do this because you don't want to get dropped because you did something that the company turns its nose at. Like Spamming This is a big no no!!

At lot of companies use a brokerage company to get the word out as well. If you click on a affiliation link and it takes you to another website and probably give you a message about who they using for affiliate programs that company is who you will sign up with. Let say you don't want to be an affiliate but you have a product to sell, you can still sign up with them as a advertiser.

Highly Recommended Affiliate Networks
This list of companies are highly recommended. Top companies are listed with them and you will not run out of promotion tools to start your champagne. People pay a lot of money to get access to these companies. I paid big bucks for them too but you will get them here free of charge. Here they are......below!
Commission Junction
I almost forgot a very important message about these networks, They are all FREE to join!

I wish you much success and good luck!!

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